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General Anaesthesia

General or full anaesthesia also known as putting to sleep we indicate to patients who cannot be treated in traditional ways, e.g., by means of local anaesthesia, analgosedation or psychological pre-preparation. Patient treatment under general anaesthesia is suitable for people who are unable to overcome their fear from stomatological attendance. Under general anaesthesia we most frequently treat children who refuse necessary stomatological attendance.

We cooperate with the anaesthesiologist MUDr. Ervín Jakab who disposes of all equipment necessary to carry out general anaesthesia as well as device necessary to monitor vital functions. During general anaesthesia intubation proceeds through the nose, due to manipulation and treatment of the patient´s oral cavity.

Treatment under general anaesthesia is a demanding intervention. During the first meeting we find the reason for odontophobia and the extent of stomatological treatment. Pre-operational internal examination is also necessary. There is a deposit of 70% of the planned calculation. In case of acute illness the intervention is postponed to another term.


The patient comes fasting to the ordination at least half an hour before the intervention. After pre-medication the stomatological treatment in full anaesthesia begins. After waking up from the anaesthesia patient must wait in the ordination room under the surveillance of the anaesthesiologist. On the way home and following 24 hours a company is needed and the patient mustn’t drive.