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Implantology and Augmentation

Dental implant is a substitute for tooth root and its purpose is to fix a supra-structure, i.e. crown, dental bridge or a part of supported prosthesis. Most often we perform the implantation itself via the patented protocol of Prof. Jesch, which has lower impact on the patient than the tooth extraction. We use worldwide, time-proven, German, titanium implants Ankylos.

If there is a lack of bone, we make bone reconstruction with the Swiss product Bio-Oss. In case there is a minimum of bone we use subperiosteal implant which is made to perfectly fit the patient´s bone.

Subperiosteal implant

Subperiosteal implant is the patient’s last option to fix dentition in situations where anatomical structure of the bone does not make it possible to use standard enoseal implants or alternatively the so called bone reconstruction is, for a variety of reasons, not desirable.

Subperiosteal implant is custom created for the client to fit. It is placed directly on the bone surface and usually fixed by micro-screws. Only the retention items for fixation of the hybrid detachable implant prosthesis extend into the mouth cavity. It can be used both in maxilla as well as in mandible.

ESTHE Stomatological and Implant Centre is the first in Slovakia using state of the art technology ensuring the best results.

The production process is based on a CT scan of the bone, its analysis, digital production of a 3D model of the bone, individual designing of the optimum shape of the subperiosteal implant, which is produced solely from bioinert titanium of the highest grade 5 quality. After its surface treatment the final product is surgically inserted under a local or full anaesthesia. Healing after the surgery only requires a short time which is used to construct the hybrid detachable implant prosthesis according to the customer’s requirements.

Contraindications include severe chronic diseases influencing bone quality, immunity, or overall metabolism of organism. Responsible care for oral hygiene is very important.