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The First Visit

At our centre everything begins with a complex examination. The newest digital OPG we can identify even the hidden findings on the hard tooth tissues and surrounding areas. We dispose of our own CT device used mainly for diagnostics before implantation or surgical extraction of wisdom-teeth.

After a general evaluation and the registration of the current status of teeth, temporomandibular joints, salivary glands and tongue with adult clients we also perform a preventive oncological screening examination via a revolutionary device of Veloscope which can identify starting pre-cancerous, mouth mucosa and tongue tissue changes which can’t be seen by eyes only.

A part of the examination is also a evaluation of tooth enamel demineralization by means of a diagnostic laser device. After the proposal of treatment we start with dental hygiene which is the basic pillar in the care about healthy teeth. The importance of hygiene is primary also due to the following care about the teeth and the periodontal tissues.